There’s nothing like a great dog!

      A great dog....what a blessing! Hi. My name is Scottie Barlow, and I am a proud breeder of Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers. I admit; I have always been a “dog person”, but over the years I’ve owned some good dogs and some.... GREAT dogs. And I just love great dogs! A dog you can take with you to your kids’ soccer games, to a friend’s house, or on vacation. A dog to share walks with. A dog that is attuned to you when you speak and is happy, happy, happy to please you. A dog who looks at you with big wide eyes that say, “I trust YOU”. And a dog you KNOW you can trust. That’s how West KY Goldens and Doodles was born. We are dedicated to providing pets that are an ENJOYABLE PART OF THE FAMILY.


      Golden Retrievers have long been a family favorite in the United States, and for good reason. If bred properly, they have loyal, friendly, fun personalities. They are famous for being great with kids, because they are so easy-going and not overly sensitive, possessing a sweet mix of energy and “laid-backness”. They are a working dog breed and eager to please which makes them easily trained. Being trusting and affectionate, they love being with people. Golden Retrievers are just so easy to love!

      Goldendoodles are newer on the dog scene, but a wonderful breed. I wondered for a long time why these dogs were so popular, thinking they were just a new but passing trend. However, after owning one, I AM SOLD. Being a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, it is has an intelligent, friendly, intuitive, warm personality. It’s fun-loving and great with kids but its “puppy” stage is shorter than most due to the Poodle. (Poodles reach adulthood around 7-9 months.) The Goldendoodle is the combo of two different breeds, t hereby widening the gene pool. If bred responsibly, they are incredibly healthy and vigorous with fewer of the problems specific to individual breeds!


      We do not adhere to in-line breeding. In our opinion, this does not produce healthy dogs. Great health and temperament is our number one goal. We take this very seriously. There are various means of assessing our sires, from health certs and genetic tests to personal knowledge and time spent with the sires. In addition, each sires’ bloodlines will be scrutinized so the gene pool is kept wide. Healthy coats, strong configurations, and lovely colors are also part of our consideration. It’s our goal to provide truly wonderful pets in every way!